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Welcome to Top of the South House Inspections

Kevin Williams owner /inspector of Top of the South House Inspections is a Licensed Building Practitioner, having completed his apprenticeship some 30 years ago. Kevin has won awards in the building industry and runs a reputable business with a large knowledge base of whats needed in a house inspection. Call Top of the South House Inspections today to see what this business can do for you.

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale Inspection

Top of the South House Inspections offer a comprehensive visual non invasive Pre Purchase / Pre Sale inspection report on residential and rental properties. The inspection assesses the general condition of the property at the time of inspection. Significant defects will be noted in the report with photos where required.

The inspection of the property would normally take 1 - 3 hours (depending on the size of the property). The information is then compiled into a report which is easy to understand, with the report normally being forwarded within 24 hours of the inspection being carried out. Inspections are based on NZS4306:2005.

There are areas of all houses where the home purchaser would benefit from the knowledge of a professional to assess the structural, weather tightness and integrity of the building. It is far better before you purchase a property, to find out if there are any areas of the building that require immediate attention, maintenance work or are contaminated with Meth (P).

If areas are detected during the inspection that require work to be undertaken this would give the purchaser the opportunity to discuss a price reduction, or the seller the opportunity to correct the work prior to listing the property. This can also have the beneficial effect of speeding up the selling process once the work is complete.

Before any inspection is carried out, you will be required to sign a contract, this will list the inspections you require to be carried out and agreed costs.

Please take the time to read all of the information below to assess which inspections you require, if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail Kevin.
For details on whats included in the standard inspection - please click on the links below.

  • Foundation & Subfloor Open or Close

    Foundation & Subfloor

    • The minimum safe access to the sub-floor must not be less than 450 x 400mm with a crawl space of 500mm.
    • Check all timbers for rot and/or infestation of insects, Borer etc.
    • Connection details to joists, bearers and piles.
    • Ground clearances.
    • Check Insulation for gaps if fitted.
    • Check pipes, wastes for leaks
    • Check electric cable condition and fixings
  • External Roof Open or Close

    External Roof

    • The roof must be able to be accessed safely from a 3.6m ladder
    • Check for holes and gaps
    • Check condition of roofing iron, paintwork, concrete tiles and membranes 
    • Check fixings and fixing patterns
    • Check flashings and penetrations to roof
    • Check spouting and downpipes for blockages
  • Internal Roof Space Open or Close

    Internal Roof Space

    • A safe opening of 500x400mm with a minimum crawl space of 610mm is required to inspect the internal roof.
    • Check for leaks/daylight.
    • Rotten timbers, infestation, borer etc.
    • Check insulation for gaps.
    • Check ventilation ducting from range hood, bathrooms are venting externally.
    • Check pipework and electrics.

  • Moisture Checks Open or Close

    Moisture Checks

    All rooms will be checked with a Trotec T660 moisture meter in several different locations.  Should there be any areas of concern or high moisture readings, a photo will be taken of the specific / affected area, this will then be included in the report with our observations as to what course of action we think necessary (invasive investigation) to detect the cause of the high moisture reading.


  • Exterior Cladding Open or Close

    Exterior Cladding

    • Check for ingress of water and dampness.
    • Check flashings and seals to windows.
    • Check condition of external cladding for rot, water penetration.
    • Check ground clearances and ventilation.
    • Condition of paintwork.
    • Check penetrations sealed and water tight.
    • Check drainage gullies are clean and free from obstructions.


  • Internal Living areas and bedrooms Open or Close

    Internal living areas and bedroom

    • General condition of paintwork, fixtures and fittings.
    • Any areas that require maintenance or remedial work
    • We test all visible / accessible lights switches and sockets
    • General inspection of plumbing and electrical services
    • Check ventilation systems in place to bathroom, ensuite and laundry
    • The inspection is a visible inspection only and therefore we are unable to comment on services concealed in wall, floor or ceiling cavities or below ground level.


  • External areas which include the following Open or Close

    External areas which include the following

    • General conditions of building
    • Fences (plumb and straight)
    • Paths (cracks /movement)
    • Sheds


  • What is Not Included in the report Open or Close

    What is Not Included in the report

    • No allowance to test smoke alarms or security systems.
    • No allowances to test kitchen appliances.
    • No allowances to test gas califonts or heating systems.
    • No allowances to test heat or air transfer systems.
    • Swimming pools or spas.
    • Septic tanks or water filtration systems.
    • Planning or resource consent issues.
    • Testing for asbestos: we will however notify the client if we detect any areas that may be of concern and can arrange testing of these areas if required.


  • How much do the inspections cost Open or Close

    How much do the inspections cost

    • Single story  1 - 3 Bedrooms     $480 including GST
    • Single story  4+ Bedrooms        $560 including GST
    • Double story 1 - 3 Bedrooms     $610 including GST
    • Double story 4 + Bedrooms       $690 including GST
    • Should a sleepout be required to be inspected, there would be an additional charge of $240 including GST, this would need to confirmed prior to the inspection taking place.
    • Additional mileage fees of $.75 cents will be charged for each km travelled to and from the property after the first 50km, starting from the centre of Richmond.
      For More Information On additional Inspections offered by The Top of the South House Inspection please click here
  • Cancellation of an inspection Open or Close

    Cancellation of an inspection

    Should the client choose to cancel the inspection, no cancellation charges will be incurred if 24 hours notice is given prior to the inspection taking place. Notification of cancellation must be by e mail. A cancellation fee of $80 including GST will be charged if less than 24 hours notice is given.
    It is the clients responsibility to ensure all areas to be inspected are available/open for inspection. If the inspector can’t gain access to any areas requiring inspection and is required to revisit the property to re-inspect, an additional charge of $140 including GST will be incurred plus additional mileage. Terms & Conditions

External areas which include the following

  • General conditions of building
  • Fences (plumb and straight)
  • Paths (cracks /movement)
  • Sheds


Where do Top of the South House Inspections Service?

Yes, thats right... you've guessed it. Top of the South House Inspections service the Top of the South Island, New Zealand, from Picton to Golden Bay, as far South as Murchison and everywhere in between. Call today on 027 737 3888 or 03 540 3402 or email 

 Top of the South House Inspections carry out inspections 7 days a week with no additional charge for weekend inspections.